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Preparing Your Photos

  1. Sort your printed photos into a “YES” stack and a “NO” stack.

  2. In the “YES” stack you want the BEST photos of people doing things and having fun; not just head shots. Photos may be small (2 inches) to very large (11x14). Polaroid and Panoramic photos may be used.

  3. In the “NO” stack are photos which are out of focus, people are backlit, shadows on faces, the background is very dark, the people are very dark, torn photos, brittle warped photos, etc. Remember - use only the best photos.

  4. If your photos are in an envelope type photo album, please remove them from the album. If they are stuck in a magnetic album, you can use a hand held hair dryer on a warm setting to loosen them from the adhesive and carefully remove them. If old photos cannot be easily removed from a picture frame, leave them in the frame.

  5. Use post-its to number the photos in the order you wish them to appear. Put post-its on the back of photos. Never write on the photo!

  6. If you wish to eliminate a particular individual from a photo, put a note to me on the post-it. Never cut up photos!

  7. If your colored photos are very faded, I can either enhance the color or make them appear either Black & White or Sepia (old-fashioned brown tone) on the screen. The actual photo is not changed. All materials are returned to you in the same condition as they are received.

  8. Digital photos should be provided on a photo card, flash drive or CD with at least 300dpi. The CD should be compatible with a Mac. Please only provide photos that will be used in the production!

  9. Divide photo prints into sections and place in envelopes. Write the sequential number of pictures on the envelope, i.e., 1-50, 50-100, etc. Don’t start over with each envelope. Do not start over with number 1.

Preparing Your Slides

    Slides are prepared the same as photos except instead of using post-its to number them, just use a pencil to write the number on the cardboard slide frame.

Preparing Your Memorabilia

    Memorabilia such as newspaper articles, announcements, plaques, medals, etc. may be used as long as items are flat.
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